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This privacy policy of UAB Siramis, legal entity code: 147926963, registered office: Draugystės str. 1, Bernatoniai village, Panevėžys district, email: [email protected] (hereinafter – the Controller), specifies the conditions for processing of personal data of,, visitors and other data subjects and implementation procedure for the rights of the data subjects related to the processing of personal data.

Take time to review this policy and if you have any questions, contact the Controller by phone, mail or email.

The Controller can review and change the privacy policy at any time; therefore, we recommend checking regularly whether you are familiar with the current version of this privacy policy. The date of the newest version of this privacy policy is indicated at the top of this webpage.

The personal data of the website visitors and other data subjects are processed following the applicable legal acts and ensuring appropriate technical and organisational measures for personal data protection.

The Controller uses the collected personal data or the data you submit only for the purpose specified in this privacy policy or for the purposes specified to you in a separate notice. The Controller does not transfer the personal data for other persons to control, except in cases specified in this privacy policy. Your data might be transferred to competent authorities in cases specified by the law. Other cases for the transfer of the personal data to the third parties (the Controller’s partners, processors, etc.) are specified in separate sections of the privacy policy.

The website contains links to other websites not owned by the Controller. The Controller is not responsible for the privacy policy of these websites; therefore, we recommend being aware and get familiar with the privacy policies of the websites you are redirected to.



The website uses cookies that are small text files stored on your device’s browser (e.g. computer, mobile phone, tablet) when you browse the website.

You can find cookie characteristics in the table below:


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Visits to the website may also include third party cookies the quantity and functions of which are not under the control of the Controller, and the Controller has no access to the information collected by them. Accurate information about the third party (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.) cookies, their functions and collected personal data can be found in the third-party privacy/cookie policies (e.g., Facebook Cookie Policy, Google Cookies Policy) or by contacting the contact person of the third party.

You can find out the specific cookies stored when visiting the Controller’s websites by checking your browser settings. If you use Google Chrome, you can find stored cookie information by clicking the button on the left side of the address bar.

Communication Tools

To answer your question and save communication evidence (pursuing a legitimate interest to implement safe communication and avoid personal service disputes), the Controller processes this information you submit by sending a request to the email specified in the website by the Controller: email, name, surname (if specified in the signature of an email), date of an email, time and content of communication with the Controller’s representative.

Personal data submitted in the request and further communication with the Controller’s representative is stored in the current year and for 10 years after the end of the current year.

Your rights related to the processing of personal data are specified in the section YOUR RIGHTS AND IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURE in the privacy policy.


All personal data submitted by the persons who want to be employed by the Controller are processed by the Controller only for staff selection and employment, pursuing a legitimate interest to evaluate the suitability of the candidate.

In addition to the data submitted by the candidate, the Controller can collect and process other publicly available data of the candidate, i.e. search for information on the internet, browse candidate’s social network (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter) profiles, etc. The Controller can also contact previous employers specified in the candidate’s CV and/or social network profiles and ask for information regarding the candidate’s qualification, professional skills and characteristics.

The Controller stores the data collected and submitted by the candidate who participates in the recruitment announced by the Controller for 4 months from the end of the specific recruitment. The storage of the personal data can be extended only with the consent from the candidate. If no consent for the extended storage of the personal data after the recruitment is submitted, after this period all the personal data (both submitted by the candidate and collected by the Controller) of the candidate are deleted.

All your rights related to the personal data are specified in the section YOUR RIGHTS AND IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURE in the privacy policy.


Video surveillance is carried out on the Controller’s territory and premises. Monitored areas and parts of the premises are marked with signs that are visible before entering the CCTV field.

Video surveillance is carried out to ensure the safety of the Controller’s assets and employees. Legal basis for the processing of video surveillance data is a legitimate interest of the Controller in preventing the damage that the Controller would suffer as a result of lost assets or insecurity of the employees.

In case of a suspicion of an offence or other infringement, video surveillance data can be submitted to law enforcement authorities. Video data are saved and stored for 730 calendar days from the moment they are recorded. The specific video data storage period depends on the capacity of the disc that stores the video data. If video data are used as evidence in law enforcement authorities and for the inspection of employee misconduct, liability, the level of damage caused and its compensation as well as in other cases specified by other law, video data may be stored to the extent necessary for these data processing purposes and deleted immediately when they are no longer needed.

Your rights related to the processing of personal data are specified in the section YOUR RIGHTS AND IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURE in the privacy policy.


All data subjects whose data are processed by the Controller have the following rights:

  • Right to access your personal data;
  • Right to rectify incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data;
  • Right to restrict the processing of your personal data until the lawfulness of the processing has been verified at your request;
  • Right to the erasure of personal data;
  • Right to object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes including profiling and our legitimate interest;
  • Right to transfer of the personal data to other controller or directly to you in a convenient form (applies to the personal data you submitted yourself and those that are processed by automated means based on the consent or the contract conclusion and implementation);
  • Right to revoke your consent without affecting the use of your personal data carried out before the withdrawal of the consent;
  • Right to lodge a complaint to State Data Protection Inspectorate (more information is available here: on the website of the Inspectorate).

The Controller makes every effort to implement your rights and answer all your questions regarding privacy policy information. Request for implementation of these rights, complaints, notifications or other requests can be submitted to the Controller’s contact person by email: [email protected], by mail to Draugystės str. 1, Bernatoniai village, Panevėžys district or in person. Request for the implementation of rights should include the right and extent of its implementation. For example, if you want access to the personal data, specify what information you wish to receive under Article 15 (1) of the Regulation.

Requests submitted by email should be signed with a qualified electronic signature. In cases when the request is sent to the Controller’s registered office, the request must include a certified copy of the personal identification document (passport, personal identity card).

The Controller will respond to your request within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the receipt of the request. In exceptional cases that require additional time, the Controller can extend the period for the submission of the requested data or investigation of other requirements specified in your request for two months. You will be notified about the extension of the request investigation before the original deadline.

The Controller will refuse to comply with your request giving a reasoned reply if the Controller identifies that General Data Protection Regulation and other legal acts include the condition for the refusal to comply with the request. You will be notified in writing of the refusal to comply with your request.


If you have any questions concerning the privacy policy, contact us and we will help you:

UAB Siramis

Draugystės str. 1, Bernatoniai village, Panevėžys district

Tel No: +370 454 68657

Email: [email protected]    

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