Express freight transport

Freight transport is a time-consuming process. The transportation process can take up to several days depending on the type of cargo and transport services bought. Transport may take longer due to many reasons, and express delivery is not always possible. However, companies that have many years of experience can predict many variables and accurately evaluate transportation time.

Express consignments are not equal to regular transport company freight. UAB Siramis can accurately select the most optimum route and calculate the best possible transportation time from point A to point B, depending on the need for express delivery (Europe or Lithuania). Express freight transport is planned individually in each case: we create routes, choose the best roads and predict various circumstances that can slow down the transport.

Express freight transport

Express consignment delivery and fast freight transport are specific logistic business areas so usual express courier services often struggle with the task. To ensure high-quality freight transport, it might be best to consult professionals in this business that provide express delivery services.

Siramis carries out not only partial but also full truckload (FTL) express transport, organises relay trucking (cargo trailer can travel almost without stopping).

Transit calculator

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