Partial cargo transportation

Partial cargo transportation

Partial cargo is a daily activity for many transport services providers. There are not many clients that have enough load to fill the entire semi-trailer so the ability to assemble different loads and transport them safely and on time are extremely important characteristics of a transport company.

Partial cargo is our strength. We have been in the transport and freight transport business for more than two decades and we know the roads in Europe and Lithuania. We know the legislative framework for transport and logistics. We also have a warehouse and a network of logistic partners that facilitate the transport of partial cargoes.

Transportation of partial cargoes is especially important to the transport sector: there are many manufacturing and trading companies that need partial cargo transportation. In most cases, they need transport services when the partial cargo fills one or several pallets or cargo has to be collected from several departments or warehouses. It is no secret that many transport companies avoid this type of transportation because it is easier to transport the semi-trailer filled with one cargo rather than collect different consignments from different locations.

On the other hand, the transportation of partial cargoes is a very attractive way of transporting goods both in Lithuania and other countries. This means that the transportation of the cargo that does not fill the whole semi-trailer is cheaper because while filling the semi-trailer cargoes from different consignors are collected. This is a great way to save money, and the cargo reaches its destination as fast as it would with the full lorry.

The partial cargoes are our speciality

We transport across Europe

Partial cargoes give more freedom to many small manufacturing or trading companies. The company can save costs with the partial cargo transportation service and receive as many products as it needs and restock when necessary.

Siramis highlights that transportation of partial cargoes is carried out by the company’s lorries across Europe and Lithuania. Partial cargoes are transported mainly from Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Finland and vice versa.

Our fleet is our advantage

UAB Siramis is sure that ownership of the fleet provides more freedom to the transport service provider and guarantee to the client. The company has the opportunity to distribute its transport flexibly and choose the most appropriate transport for a specific cargo.

Our fleet includes more than 100 new and a few years old Volvo tractor units and lorries that are reliable, carefully maintained and comply with high environmental requirements. Some of them are road trains that are capable of transporting large cargoes. Some semi-trailers are called Mega, and half of the fleet consists of lorries with standard curtain-sided semi-trailers. In other words, no matter what the cargo is. Siramis can always find the best transport necessary for a particular cargo. Moreover, all lorries and semi-trailers are equipped with lashing straps (at least 15). This means that the partial cargo will be appropriately fixed and will safely reach its destination. Finally, each semi-trailer is reinforced and has XL certificate. All the fleet is suitable for transportation of dangerous goods. All drivers have permits for the transportation of dangerous goods (ADR certificates), regularly improve their qualification and can handle the most complex partial cargo properly.

It does not matter if the client orders partial cargo transportation. The company tells each client exactly when it will be delivered. Moreover, to ensure the safety of the lorry and the cargo, each lorry has a GPS. Siramis assigns a specialist to advise on various questions and how to save money, ensure cargo’s safety and what to do to make freight transport as smooth as possible.

Even though each cargo is defined and covered by CMR insurance, maybe a company needs to transport particularly valuable partial cargo and requires additional insurance to ensure that even the biggest surprises cannot interfere with the company’s success.

Our fleet is our advantage
Partial cargo transportation

The partial cargoes are our speciality

We have been growing rapidly for more than 20 years of business and working with different clients. We have reached the point where we can call the partial cargoes our speciality. We are the masters of this type of transportation. We collect partial cargoes from different locations, transport them safely and efficiently solve different problems during transportation: unexpected jams, road repairs, accidents, technical problems, etc. We aim to provide higher added value to the client.

Transportation of partial cargoes is one of the most important business areas because we have our fleet of vehicles. Our lorries allow planning precise volume of business, courageously take care of small cargoes or collect them from different points. By planning our volume of business we can devote several lorries to the transport of partial cargoes. Also, by having more than 100 tractor units that comply with high environmental standards, we can quickly react when the partial cargo suddenly turns into the full load or there is a need of other transport services.

We collect partial cargoes both in EU (from northern Finland to Western Portugal (and Switzerland)) and Lithuania – from Vilnius to Klaipėda.

We have our warehouse

The logistics warehouse is integral to the transportation of partial cargoes. In cases when a transport company does not own a warehouse, the partial cargoes are collected from nearby points and partners’ terminals. We have a wide network of partners so we can collect partial cargoes from different terminals across Europe and Lithuania.

We have our logistics warehouse so we can arrange reloading and relocation of partial cargoes in our premises. Siramis warehouse is near Panevėžys bypass so it is easily accessible by any road: when returning from Europe or when the cargo travels from the Port of Riga or the East.

The warehouse provides more space for the clients of the transport company. There is no need to worry regarding the arrangement of goods, no need to search for staff to put excise stamps, labels in the relevant language or take care of new packaging. Siramis can provide these services if necessary.

This is extremely important for the company that wishes to transport its cargo and does not have a logistic department and warehouse so the search for suitable transport service provider might take a while. In most cases, this process requires a lot of money if all the services are bought from different service providers. Siramis can ensure that it can find a mutual solution with a client in all cases.

We transport across Europe

A family business is our strength

While many transport companies avoid partial cargoes, UAB Siramis courageously carries out even the transportation of the partial cargoes that need to be delivered urgently.

The company was established as a family business and has grown into a stable and reliable transport service partner for over 20 years. The company claims that each client is equally important, even though he is a partner for twenty years or just one day. It does not matter if the cargo is full truckload or just single pallets. This is the reason why each Siramis business partner and client is treated with the same respect and attention.

The staff of the company has the same approach. Qualified professionals with many years of transport experience try to help each client get the most out of complex transport and logistics world, search for optimal solutions that ensure the best price offer to the partners and advise on how to reduce costs and to make transport more convenient.

The slogan of the company – History is Trust – perfectly reflects the attitude. The trust is built only through long-term communication and Siramis clients can confirm that the slogan of the company fully complies to its values.

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