Mega trailer transportation

Road trains are so-called mega trailers. A road train is a lorry that can transport a cargo of up to 120 m3.

The length of the cargo compartment is 7.7 m, width is 2.48 m, height – 2.95 m. The length of the trailer is 7.7 m, width – 2.48 m and height – 3.05 m. Maximum cargo weight – 23 t.

Mega trailer vehicles have a lot of advantage in those cases when the cargo is bigger than a standard semi-trailer, however, does not fill two semi-trailers.

Due to manoeuvrability and capacity of the road train, freight transport is much more convenient. The right choice of a business partner and a fleet that is in good working order are also important to ensure successful transportation without delay.

When ordering freight transport that requires road train, dimensions are also important. By knowing a precise freight type and size, UAB Siramis specialists can decide whether a road train is necessary. Dimensions are not the only criteria; cargo’s weight is also important.

Mega trailer transportation

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