Cargo insurance

CMR insurance is cargo insurance that complies with CMR convention requirements.

CMR convention is the most important document specifying the responsibilities of the consignor, carrier and consignee in the context of international freight transport. In other words, CMR convention (often called CMR insurance by mistake) specifies who is responsible for the damage that occurred during the transportation.

The carrier's liability is limited under the CMR convention. The freight company is responsible for 8.33 SDR per kg (SDR is a floating rate; you can find it here).

UAB Siramis not only has more than 20 years of experience in transport area but also has excellent knowledge of CMR convention and complies with it to ensure that freight transport is carried out according to the most important transport and logistics legislation.

Today CMR convention covers 55 countries: mostly in Europe and Asia. The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and CMR convention regulate the performance of transport services, freight transport, oversized cargo transport and organization of transportation of dangerous goods in Lithuania.

Cargo insurance

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