Local transportation

UAB Siramis, a logistics company that works in transport and freight transportation for more than 20 years, can offer not only freight transport from one European country to another but also local transportation within the territory of the country. This area is extremely important to the old-timer in the market, and there are no geographical restrictions: local (sometimes called cabotage transport) transportation can be carried out within the territory of Belgium, France or Germany.

Local transportation is a business area of many European transport companies so choosing a good partner is not always easy. When looking for the most suitable transport service provider, it is necessary to ensure that transportation is fast and comfortable.

Local transportation

To ensure high-quality and safe transportation within the territory of the country, the fleet of the company is also important. UAB Siramis has a fleet of more than 100 new and almost new lorries that comply with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards. Tractor units travel all over Europe: from Spain to Finland.

All drivers of transport service provider have permits for transportation of dangerous goods so Siramis can transport goods that require ADR certificates. Moreover, the fleet includes many Mega semi-trailers, regular semi-trailers and road trains so Siramis can transport both single pallet cargo and oversized, extremely large, complex or dangerous cargoes.

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