Freight transport in Lithuania

The market for transport services is extremely dynamic and rapidly changing, so a reliable partner that ensures high-quality transport services is really important for many manufacturing, trading and other companies.

Dynamic character and ability to ensure high-quality service are especially important to the small country and market like Lithuania. Due to short distances and fast pace, it is critical to organise flawless transportation because reputation is hard to maintain and can be easily lost. Therefore, before shaking hands with potential transportation partner, it is crucial to make sure that he is experienced, has qualified employees and is a business professional. This is an accurate description of UAB Siramis that has more than 20 years of experience in freight transport across Europe and Lithuania.

Freight transport in Lithuania

Services provided across Lithuania

We offer different transportation services in Kaunas, Klaipėda, etc. 

Kaunas has always been considered and still is a centre of logistic services in Lithuania. Even if the logistics company is not located here, the company’s lorry crosses Kaunas at least once a day. 

Freight transport in Kaunas is relevant because the city is expanding and growing rapidly. Free economic zones with large companies’ divisions are forming around the city, and the main Lithuania transport paths intersect in Kaunas. Almost every year, this city surprises with the new investments of million euros so transport services are necessary, and the demand is growing.

Freight transport has made Klaipėda a city visited by many transport and logistics companies every day.

The city is accessed by highways or surrounding roads. Klaipėda is the main attraction because of the port that has a lot of arriving cargoes or sends a large number of lorries to other European countries. Freight transport is also relevant in Klaipėda because cargoes transported by sea or rail need to be transported to other cities.

Šiauliai is not the most strategic location in the north of the country, but freight transportation in Šiauliai is an easy task for UAB Siramis located near Panevėžys bypass.

Smaller cities are not ignored either. Siramis kindly provides the highest-quality quality service to companies that need freight transport in Panevėžys.

Smaller cities are not very popular and rarely are the destinations for freight transport. Alytus is one of them – Siramis green tractor units go there when necessary.

Strategic location

Strategic location

We have more than 100 qualified logistic professionals. The company started as a family business in the last century and still follows the basic principles. This is the reason why we can pay equal attention to each client, no matter the size of the cargo – it can be one pallet or hundreds of them. Moreover, our logistics company feels a great responsibility for the work being done and has taken particular care to ensure that transportation in Lithuania is fast, smooth and safe.

In geographical terms, the transportation service provider is located in a strategic location: Siramis office is located near Panevėžys bypass that ensures smooth and extremely fast local transportation. The transport company has a local warehouse and can carry out not only transportation in Lithuania but also ensure intermediate reloading or storage of goods if necessary.

Experience, logistic knowledge, fleet and storage ownership ensures that transportation services and local transportation are organised after the optimal transportation price is arranged with the client. Transportation offer will be provided to each client individually according to his needs.

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