International transport

Our business started with logistics in Europe. The company is registered in Lithuania that has a small market and only a small part of clients can be satisfied. Therefore, international transport has become a top priority from day one.

This decision opened many opportunities and also threats. It is harder to control cargoes in foreign countries, and the drivers may experience not only linguistic difficulties but also safety and other problems. International freight transport is a business that Siramis started not with reckless abandon but slowly and learning from its mistakes and those of its competitors.

International transport

We transport across Europe

Today, after more than 20 years, the company owns a fleet of more than 100 tractor units, a warehouse in a strategic location with more than a hundred employees. Freight forwarders can communicate with clients in Lithuanian, English, Polish, French, Spanish, Russian and German. Siramis is constantly looking for ambitious and competent polyglots to contribute to the development of the company.

This is a family business so the company has a responsible approach to its employees: staff turnover is low. Therefore, we can offer exceptional quality services and pay close attention even to those who transport a cargo that fits on one pallet.

Our tractor units travel to different Western European countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. We can carry out transportation across the old continent – from Portugal to Finland.

The company’s slogan – History of Trust – reflects the key features of the business: the experience gained over many years allows to plan routes and transport cargoes in the minimum time while complying with the highest quality requirements. Experienced freight forwarders can predict many variables, quickly respond to unexpected road repairs, lengthy border post checks and other obstacles, offer alternative routes to drivers. In the event of an accident and other incidents, the cargo will be transferred to another tractor unit ASAP. All transported cargoes are insured.

Moreover, Siramis is a full member of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association Linava. Being a member of the association allows solving different international transport problems.

Masters of fast delivery

Masters of fast delivery

Reliable company’s Volvo tractor units that conform to the high environmental requirements (Euro 5 and Euro 6) minimise the risk of surprises and delays. In case of any surprises, all company’s tractor units in Europe would receive technical support ASAP. Siramis understands that every delay is the beginning of another delay and each minute of delay turns into euros. That’s why international transport is carefully planned, and modern GPS systems installed in tractor units allow monitoring of the cargo in real-time and evaluation of its delivery in minutes. Freight forwarders see this information and can report accurate time of the cargo’s arrival to the client.

All vehicles are designed to transport different cargoes, including dangerous goods that require an ADR certificate. All trailers of the company are reinforced (they have XL certificates). Maximum cargo height is 3.05 m.

The company is the master of partial cargo and last-minute deliveries. Do you need to transport a small load from Spain to Estonia, and the due date was the day before yesterday? Siramis specialists will ensure that even one palletised cargo is transported to the right location ASAP.

The range of cargo transported by the company starts from 1 pallet to infinity. Each client is equally important.

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