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Freight transport: from Switzerland to Switzerland

Switzerland is the country that avoided world wars and many other military conflicts. It also avoids membership in economic and other organisations (EU, NATO). It did not join the United Nations until 2002.

This does not prevent Switzerland from being one of the most developed countries in the world. Many countries want to be like Switzerland. People also name it as their dream country.

Freight transport: from Switzerland to Switzerland

Four official languages

This country is attractive not only because of its landscape – all Switzerland is divided among the Alps. The country has an advanced public transport infrastructure, banking sector and other services are a real benchmark. Interestingly, this country is multilingual with 4 official languages: Italian, French, Romance and German. One more interesting fact: gas stations and stores that are located closer to Germany use the German language and those that are closer to France – the French language. The Romance language – the rarest language in Europe – is derived from Italian and only 60,000 people are fluent in it.

Rarely a Swiss can speak all four languages. Many of the Swiss are fluent in two and sometimes can communicate in English. Therefore, when speaking with Swiss, it is best to know German or French because it is likely that the person is fluent in at least one of them.

The road network is also developed: all biggest cities are linked by highways that have at least two one-way lanes. So the best price-quality ratio solution is to transport goods from Lithuania to Switzerland by road.

High-Value Added Product Export

High-Value Added Product Export

Freight transport to Switzerland is an important service for different European countries. For example, Lithuanians export more goods to Switzerland than to Austria, Ireland and Japan.  Many goods also travel from Switzerland to Lithuania. Switzerland has not only the whole infrastructure and service sector but also industry.

This country exports mostly watches and wall clocks. Everybody knows Patek Philippe, Rolex, TAG Heuer and other companies that create high-added-value products. Companies that export pharmaceuticals, orthopaedic appliances and jewellery are also leaders in export.

All of them share a common characteristic – exceptionally expensive products. You cannot expect anything else from a country that can be proud of its world-class productivity: Switzerland is just behind Luxembourg in terms of GDP.

Therefore, freight transportation from Switzerland is a very responsible task. Usually, carriers transport very expensive products and have to carefully select each stop and overnight accommodation. You have to be careful if you choose to stay at any filling station both in Germany and Poland. 

Siramis is a leader in the field: drivers of the company are experienced and have travelled on the route Switzerland-Lithuania many times. Each tractor unit is equipped with GPS. Our freight forwarders communicate with the driver constantly, monitor movement and can precisely determine the time of delivery, and provide this information to the clients.

Moreover, the cargo can be additionally insured to minimise losses in case of an accident. Additional insurance is recommended for each trip: whether travelling from Panevėžys to Vilnius or from Vilnius to Lisbon. 

Reliability is important

When entering Switzerland, you have to prepare for higher prices starting at the first filling station. This is not only about the fuel price; roads are also expensive. Switzerland is surrounded by the Alps, so not surprisingly highways are full of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and other expensive infrastructure elements.

Even the smallest lorry repair costs much more than in other neighbouring countries, so vehicle reliability is crucial to freight transport on this route. Our fleet has only new or a few years old Volvo tractor units that are regularly serviced and experience almost no problems during trips.

The best proof of that is timely delivery. We are proud that we can deliver 97 % of cargoes as planned. Each client is treated as if he was the most important, so we have been working with some clients for more than a decade. A reliable partner is very important for the transport of valuable goods. Moreover, the value of goods transported from Switzerland might be several times higher than the tractor unit itself. 

We have been working in partial cargo transportation for more than 20 years, so our tractor unit (even mega with loading height up to 3.05 m) can transport even one pallet cargo from a remote area in Switzerland to Lithuania or another European country.

If Lithuania is only an intermediate stop, we can offer not only transportation but also storage services at a convenient location, near Panevėžys bypass. Via Baltica and other highways crossing the country are easily accessible. 

Reliability is important
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