FTL – Full Truck Load

FTL – full truckload – one of the areas that concentrate the experience of the logistics company Siramis. Full load means that the client’s load takes up all the lorry. Even for the most demanding clients, UAB Siramis can ensure smooth and fast full load transport because transport services and freight transport is the main activities of the company for more than 20 years.

Freight transport is entrusted to long-distance drivers of the company, transport services are provided on European routes and different areas in Lithuania. Siramis offers the possibility to transport regular and dangerous (ADR certified) FTL cargoes. All drivers of the company have permits for transportation of dangerous goods and ADR certificates.

Full load transport and other services are provided using only modern and new company’s tractor units. This helps professionals to ensure that transportation is carried out according to all requirements and in compliance with the transportation rules.


Siramis assigns a logistics specialist to each client who can quickly answer requests, check problems or answer any questions if necessary. All tractor units have a modern system that ensures constant monitoring of the cargo and the transport.

Siramis can ensure that cargo will reach its destination on time. Many years of experience allow offering freight transport services both in Europe and Lithuania at competitive and favourable prices.

The company can transport full loads by road trains, Mega semi-trailers and standard semi-trailers. The transport is carried out with curtain-sided trailers. Over the years, Siramis established a fleet of dozens of tractor units: mostly Volvo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles that conform with high environmental standards. Depending on the cargo, the semi-trailer can hold a cargo of up to 25 t or up to 38 euro pallets. Depending on the client’s needs, Siramis can transport different types of cargoes or offer the optimal solution to meet the client’s needs.

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