Oversized cargo transport

Not every cargo fits regular dimensions (width – 2.4 m, height – 2.7 m and length – 13 m) so it might take a while to find a transport company that provides oversized cargo transportation services. 

Oversized cargo’s dimensions exceed the standard dimensions by about 30 %. Edges of the oversized cargo protrude more than 100 cm outside the vehicle. Oversized cargo transportation requires not only special logistic company knowledge but also vehicles. Moreover, an appropriate vehicle is not enough: oversized cargo transportation rules specify that this type of cargo must be secured with special straps and appropriately marked.

Oversized cargo transport

Oversized cargos are transported in Europe and Lithuania only with the permission of respective authorities and arranged documents. It is also necessary to choose appropriate transportation time and method to ensure smooth transportation of oversized cargo and avoid confusion to other road users. Moreover, it is important to organise transportation in a way that no structures or equipment on the road are damaged.

Siramis conforms to all the identified requirements. The company can transport cargoes of the following maximum measurements: width – 2.5 m, height – 3 m, length – 13.6 m. If the length of the cargo does not exceed 7.7 m, the height can be up to 3.05 m.

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