3PL logistics (Third Party Logistics) is also sometimes called complex logistics services. This service is relevant when the client needs not only freight transport but also other transport services. Previously, many manufacturing and trading companies thought that the logistics department is a financially optimal solution, however, today only a few companies can afford it. The reason is simple – it is more economically reasonable to transfer the jobs of logistics department maintenance to a reliable and experienced company.

To own a logistics department means not only a possibility to transport cargoes independently. This also means transport fleet development and management, hiring of qualified professionals and ensuring that the cargo is transported complying to all requirements and laws. These processes are difficult and complicated to the non-logistics companies. This is why it is worth to entrust necessary processes to the external partner – transport professional that understands 3PL logistics. Located near Panevėžys bypass, UAB Siramis is a highly skilled company working in the transport market for two decades, has a fleet of 100 new and almost new tractor units and logistics warehouse.


Offers a variety of solutions

3PL logistics covers a wide range of activities including taking over, storage and delivery. UAB Siramis has a lot of experience and knowledge in the area and offers a much wider range of 3PL logistics. The transport company can take over the cargo from the supplier, pack it, store and deliver. And not only that. Since each lorry has a reinforced semi-trailer with XL certificate, and all drivers have permits for the transport of dangerous goods, Siramis can make much more complicated cargo delivery decisions.

For example, Siramis can offer route planning service since it employs only professionals who can evaluate all client’s needs and plan the fasted and the most comfortable route. Siramis can also offer cargo tracking in real-time because all lorries have a GPS, and smart fleet management equipment is monitoring the movement of all transport. Moreover, if the client orders 3PL logistics service, Siramis can assign a manager that will ensure smooth implementation of logistics service and answer all questions. 

If there is a need for reloading, Siramis can implement handling works and offer logistics warehouse if necessary.

A business partner who orders 3PL service does not have to worry about freight transport, storage, etc. There will be no need to look for staff that can perform smaller jobs, e.g. to put labels, excise stamps, repack the cargo, split into smaller consignments and group according to the consignee. What would take a long time and become a headache for a non-logistics business, is daily business for UAB Siramis.

It is also worth choosing an external transport service provider when the cargo has several consignees. UAB Siramis – transport service professionals – can organise all freight transport service: from picking up to redistribution to smaller cargos, optimisation of the shortest route and delivery. Knowing the different aspects of the freight transport business, our specialists can prevent potential problems and save the client’s money. Siramis can not only ensure cargo transportation but also handle residual stock. Moreover, the transport service provider can take over order planning if the company has no strength, human resources or time for that.

Saves time and money

Saves time and money

Sometimes business fears about leaving company-related processes to other company and use 3PL logistics service. However, such logistics has many advantages and essentially no drawbacks. 

One of the major 3PL logistics advantages – Siramis clients avoid mistakes that could happen if one decides to establish transport, logistics and storage department. Also, there is no need to spend money on warehouse building or rent, tractor units (rent or purchase) and fleet management department. No worries about possible transport repairs: 3PL service provider will ensure that damaged or malfunctioned lorry will be replaced immediately.

By entrusting the logistics and transport process to UAB Siramis specialists, the time for goods distribution will be shorter and pace will be faster. Logistics professionals will take care of the shortest routes and smoother processes. Moreover, if you entrust your freight transport and distribution to Siramis, it will be easier to manage the remaining stock in the warehouse. The logistics company will inform about the remaining stock precisely, what else has to be done, etc.

Most importantly, by entrusting transport and logistics to the professionals, the client can focus on other important jobs and direct business to ensure that problems in the logistics department will not hinder the development and growth.

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