Freight transport

When the company is interested in freight transport, one of the most important criteria is the price. However, Siramis focuses on other criteria – the best value for money. The company never aimed to provide the cheapest services on the market as it would compromise the safety or quality.

Sometimes clients expect to find a freight calculator on a logistics company website, however, there are many variables when choosing the best route so they can be precisely calculated only by experienced professionals. Transport price depends not only from points A and B but also from a specific route, cargo dimensions and a vehicle that would have enough space and additional specifications (e.g. ADR certificate necessary for carriage of dangerous goods). Additional freight insurance is also included in the final price – experienced carriers always have it.

UAB Siramis calculates the price of each freight service individually. A transport company that knows European and Lithuanian roads and has its warehouse can offer optimal and mutually acceptable logistic solutions. 

Freight transport

Transit calculator

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